All About Jen

I am a thirty-something mom, wife, and aspiring cake artist. Most of my favorite hobbies take place in the kitchen.  I have recently become obsessed with homemade versions of our favorite products.  I also enjoy baking bread and making yummy desserts for my awesome friends and family.  I love all things cake! I am still very new to cake art, but I am learning fast.

Random Things
I love chips. Any kind of chips. Honestly, it is a bad idea to leave me alone with a bag of anything salty and crunchy.
Ooooh Cupcakes!  What's not to love about cute little bites of cake with unlimited filling and frosting options?
I love coffee.  My favorite? An iced coffee from Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. Not much could make me as happy.
My son is an amazing student and such a creative artist.  He is pretty much the coolest kid I've ever met.
My husband Chris is an amazing musician. He is working on his first album and it rocks!
We have two crazy pets.

Vegas the lazy, always hungry cat and Pedro our sweet little Chihuahua that meows more than barks... and no I am not joking, he rarely barks but makes a whining sound that sounds like a cat!
I love organic and natural products. Our household continues to work towards being an earth friendly family.
If I could pick one destination to describe as being my happy place, I would choose to be sitting in Mickey's Phillharmagic in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando.  This makes my heart flutter.  I love this place!!

I am not a fan of:
driving in the rain
my oven and its random temperature changes
feet (ewwww!! I even hate writing that word on my blog)